Erin MacDermott

Erin was raised in Maine, a lush, quiet corner of the United States.  She’s spent most of her time in sunny Hawaii and snowy Colorado, filling the in betweens with traveling internationally.  Some things she is passionate about are body work, exploring, snowboarding, soccer and avocados.

Erin studied massage at Higher Elevation Healing Arts School in Colorado.  She has been practicing massage for 7 years and continues to learn everyday.  She has always felt drawn towards the power of touch and has been largely influenced by sports therapies.

Erin’s experience in massage includes, but is not limited to relaxation, deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy massage, acupressure, reflexology, reiki and intuitive massage.  She gravitates towards lomi lomi style which is an ancient Hawaiian healing massage.  Lomi Lomi nurtures the body, enabling the recipient to relax, give in and simply be.  Lomi practitioners are taught to listen with their entire beings to the script of the body and surrender to the guidance of divinity, allowing grace to transmute all stuck energies to pure light and love.

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