Nikki Sainsbury

Nikki has had a love of teaching since her very first 90s aerobics class in 1995. This has steadily progressed over the years into teaching stretch, pilates and now yoga classes. As a Physiotherapist she was also a teacher of  body movement and rehabilitation and has a strong  thread of alignment , anatomy based and core control teaching techniques that overflow into her yoga teaching style.

“Yoga to me is letting go. Letting go of the past and the future and being intimately present with my body and breath.  Yoga transports me into the now.  When I carefully and consciously observe and hold my movements, I am doing a moving meditation. When I stay… I improve calmness and focus for my life.  I want to teach that our bodies  are such amazing resources !!!. Everything that we need we have here. The body is an infinite source of energy. We can have a deeper more profound experience of our life through our body. Yoga gives us connection to the awesome life bubbling up inside of us…just waiting to be expressed”

When Nikki teaches, she gives the very best of her knowledge and skills, and doesn’t hesitate to correct misalignment with gentle guidance….knowing that each body is unique but also that if we want to erase habitual poor postural habits this is where is begins…in the yoga room…with consistent attention and effort.

Yoga is not easy, but it is not hard either…. let go of the expectation of yourself  to perform to a preconceived standard that you might have and just do it. Start here today where you are!! Find a balance between pushing past your zone of comfort within the parameters of safety for your body.

There is no limit to yoga and that is the exciting beauty.  There are no exclusions in yoga……

People in pain can do yoga. Injured people, big people small people, depressed people, happy people, anxious people….people in wheelchairs, people that need to sit on a stool……

“I am privileged to teach you. Thank you and Namaste”

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