Sandi Murphy

‘I love Yoga because it helps me to comprehend, transcend and stretch through any blur and fog of what I am not. Yoga clears the way for something new even if it is the simplicity of a fresh conscious breath. Yoga helps me to remember to surrender, to be accepting and grateful for all that I have. By allowing for softness in my strength and peace in my power  I am learning to awaken greater joy and deepen self- love. It is such a privilege and honour to share the teachings of yoga. My intention (sankulpa) is to keep returning to the wholeness that I am, to seek authenticity in my thoughts, words and actions and to in turn inspire others as I practise to be the change that they wish to see both in themselves and the world.’

Sandi Murphy is the Owner of Nadi Wellness Centre, Yoga Nadi Remarkables Park and co-director of Soul Journey’s Wellness Retreats facilitated in Queenstown, New Zealand and Bali, Indonesia.

Sandi has over 15 years of practise and has been teaching for 10 years. She is passionate, compassionate, open hearted and gregarious.

Sandi’s classes are dynamic and flowing, eclectic and versatile mostly influenced by the styles of Jiva Mukti, Hatha, Astanga and Vinyasa Flow. In 2006 she graduated from Samadhi in Sydney now know as The Jivamukti Yoga School. She emphasises correct alignment principles but also allows time for restoration, philosophy and moments of stillness. Her classes are infused with poetic analogy, story, chanting, selected music, humour and lightheartedness. Sandi co facilitated her first yoga teacher training in 2015 with Nianna Bray and is enhancing her offerings with further trainings facilitated by Nianna Bray in Women’s Wisdom and Empowerment.

She has been mentored by Jiva Mukti School (Sydney) owner Katie Manitsas, Sue White ( teacher) and Ana Davis owner of ‘Bliss Baby Yoga’ . Sandi has completed yoga intensives with International teachers, Nianna Bray ‘Away Inward Retreats’, Duncan Peak ‘Power Living’, Lance Schuler ‘Inspya Yoga’ and Shanti Murti ‘Ashram Yoga’. Sandi has Qualifications and Certification for Acting for Television and Film, Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Reiki, Enhanced Awareness Programme, Women’s Personal Foundation Programme.

Sandi has also been teaching Children’s Yoga for 10 years. Her passion for play and the joy it brings naturally attracts her to the energy of children. Likewise they are drawn to her diverse style which incorporates the art of story telling, song and classical postures in a way that children can relate to. As a mother of two, Sandi has expanded her teaching to include the specialised area of pregnancy and post natal Mums and Bubs Yoga.


Sandi’s classes are deeply rooted in tradition and she beautifully weaves together pranayama, chanting, asanas, the subtle body, ancient yogic wisdom and meditation. With each class, we are guided on an inner journey be it to anahata where heart opening sequences connect us to love or grounding exercises connect us to muladhara and to mother earth. The classes are challenging and offers me the opportunity to develop a deeper and more expansive awareness of yoga and my koshas. Being taught different pranayama and meditation techniques; being guided through the subtle body and hearing traditional yogic wisdom certainly widens my path and allows yoga to further infuse into my being and everyday life. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and for having such a wonderful studio filled with other amazing yoga teachers. My year long journey at Nadi has been transformational.         ~Cheska Hawkswood 

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