Sarsha Hood

Move to the rhythm of your breath

The depth, texture and joyfulness of your breath is a direct mirror to the depth, texture and fullness of your own life

Sarsha is passionate about living, breathing and sharing the art of yoga.  In her classes the breath will always form the foundation of her flowing, fun, challenging and anatomically safe classes.  Sarsha encourages acceptance of where you are now, encouragement to safely progress in your practice and inspiration to move to the rhythm of your breath.


Sarsha took her first yoga class, right here in Queenstown 18 years ago and loved it!  Since then yoga has been her constant companion helping her stay balanced and open to life while juggling the many hats of wife, mother, dance teacher and studio owner. She gained a diploma in yoga teaching from the IYTA 14 years ago and since then has been leading classes, workshops and retreats throughout New Zealand.

She has recently returned to the stunning area of Queenstown with her family and when not at Nadi you can find her teaching at Aro Ha, Glenorchy and online at

Her juicy vinyasa flow classes focus on;

  • Building strength and flexibility
  • Balancing the yin and yang energies in the body
  • Invigorating the body while calming the mind
  • Having fun while exploring the cyclical flow of the body

“Sarsha makes yoga feel like dessert. We should all have the opportunity to be guided by Sarsha in a yoga class. I have been very blessed to have had Sarsha as a teacher.  She has supported my practice over the years with warmth and compassion.  I would truly recommend Sarsha as a yoga teacher” 

Jo – New Plymouth

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