Simón Rodrigue

All his life Simón has been  an outdoor person. Since he was a kid he was interested in almost all physical activities, in particular what some people call “extreme sports”  or what he likes to call “extremely fun sports”.

He had been practicing these sports since a young age, always chasing self improvement.  Training every day, but only ever on a board. He never thought that an another practice could improve his performance.

It was in 2011 that he found slacklining, a beautiful practice that involves strength, flexibility and stillness in the mind. An active meditation. A blend of acrobatics and yoga.

It was through this that Simón found both practices and started to get more and more involved in both.

As soon as Yoga become a part of his daily life, he noticed the improvement in every sport, football, skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing and Slacklining.

It wasn’t just the strength and flexibility acquired, it was the body awareness. The awareness that enabled him to isolate different groups of muscles and use them in a much more precise way. He found this one of the strongest links between body and mind and a very important skill when it comes to any sport.

Simón felt encouraged to do a Yoga Teachers Training course in 2015 after finding himself  teaching yoga spontaneously all the time in many different situations.

On his journey he would like to inspire others, as others have inspired him, and share the things that he has learnt and discovered to help others to obtain their goal so they can evolve their practice and overcome their personal limitations.

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